4UMOR Desk Fan

4UMOR Air circulation fan VS Traditional fan

If you blow it directly for a long time, the body temperature will drop as the sweat evaporates, which can easily cause headaches, colds and abdominal pain etc.

However, the main advantage of the air circulation fan is to form a convective circulation of indoor air, alternate indoor and outdoor air, make indoor ventilation faster, and balance the temperature of the room.The distance of the wind blowing in the spiral shape is farther, just need to put this fan in the corner, the strong turbo wind will reach 30.39m³/ min, automatically cool the entire space after a few minutes.

4UMOR Air circulation fan is more friendly to people with sensitive physiques such as rhinitis patients, pregnant women, the elderly and children, create a healthy lifestyle!

The traditional fan make the air flow quickly through the rotation of the fan blades, to evaporate the water on the surface of the human body to take away the heat. But when the temperature in the room is high, the wind blown by the traditional fan is also hot, which couldn't makes people feel really cool.
  • 4UMOR air circulator fan Unlike traditional fans, it forms a strong spiral wind, accelerates the convection circulation of indoor air, to brings fresh air. It has 12 adjustable wind settings and 3 smart wind modes (sleep mode/cycle mode/normal mode). In sleep mode, the fan will decline 1 speed from current speed setting every 1 hour, eventually remain running at speed 1. The cycle mode is a one-key quick start of the highest-grade 12th gear Turbo wind with auto oscillation.
  • Low Energy Consumption & Ultra-quiet Equipped with DC brushless motor, this desk fan is more energy-saving.The minimum noise is only about 20dB, almost quiet, perfect for bedrooms, reading rooms and offices.With 8 hours of sleep timer, it is more user-friendly.
  • Unique design Unique wood grain base, simple streamline design. PU leather handle makes it convenient to carry.The thickened mesh grid keeps kids away from the danger of finger sticking. This oscillating fan can automatically swing 70°horizontally and 85°vertically, strong Turbo wind cool you in minutes.
  • LED Smart touch panel and remote control Not only can the fan be controlled by touching the LED smart panel, but also can be easily changed by the remote control,even standing 10 meters away. The cooling fan is easy to disassemble and clean.
  • No Worry Purchase The package contains a fan, remote control, charging cable and manual. Just plug in the charging cable to use.We provide one-year warranty and 24/7 customer service, please feel free to contact us for any questions, we are always be here.

Cycle mode:

In this mode, the desk fan will directly turn on the strong turbo wind at the highest speed with auto oscillation (up and down, left and right).

Sleep mode:

In this mode, this bedroom fan will decline 1 speed from current speed setting every 1 hour, eventually remain running at speed 1.

Also, it could set 1-8 hour of sleep timer.

20db- quiet enough to make you fall asleep and have a nice dream

Normal mode:

In this mode, there are 12 wind speeds to let you control ,which can meet your more delicate needs.

If nobody controls the fan, the indicator light on the LED display panel will automatically turn off

Technical Details

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