Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro luchtreiniger

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This product is intended for the European market. It may therefore differ from the original German product.

The Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro clears the air of particles, hair, dirt or other pollutants and is suitable for rooms up to 60 m². The air purifier Pro uses a three-layer filter, including an active carbon filter to purify the air. The air purifier Pro cleans up to 500 m² per hour. The high contrast OLED display shows the current air condition, time and all other information.

Technical Details

Type Luchtreiniger
Kleur Wit
EAN 6970244526649
Fabrikantcode FJY4013GL
Luchtreiniging Zuiveringssnelheid 500 m³/h
Filter Actieve kool
Sensoren voor Deeltjes
Maximale kamergrootte Vlak: 60 m²
Stroomverzorging Vermogen 66 W
Afmetingen Breedte: 260 mm x Hoogte: 735 mm x Diepte/lengte: 260 mm
Gewicht 9,7 kg

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