Ocean Loong AB20 Ionizer Purifier Fan

 {Healthy and Purify the air} AB20 Ionizer air purifier with Bioclimatic BPI Technology to purify Formaldehyde,Benzene,VOC,Smoking. It imitate the self-regulating function of nature, positive and negative oxygen ions are continuously released to air.

{All Year-round use}: Quickly heats the room10~25㎡ in winter and cools you in warm weather with powerful fan.It heats in 3s and warms the room quickly with 3 heating setting.It can be used as a dehumidifier and clothes dryer during the rainy season.Enjoy the warm, clean and comfortable nature air all year round.

{Safety Protection}: *Tip-over and heat-over protection will automatically shut off the fan when they were activated.*No exposed heating elements and no dust burning smell. No fast spinning blades for small fingers and paws.*Heat and Flame resistance ABS materials of Fan body with the max 262℉ of ceramic heating elements keeps the heater no burning.

{Energy Efficient}: *The Ceramic elements has high conversion of heating and quickly heats in 3s. So that the fan supplys stable and constant warm airflow to comfort you. *Intelligent thermostat monitors and maintains the room at 77-86℉.So there is no wasted energy. 1~10 fan speeds of cool mode power is only 35W max, Energy Efficiency Grade 1 .

Notes: Fan will keep working for 45seconds after turning off to cool down the heating element . Ionizer and heating function cannot be used at the same time.

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