Princess 182080 Steam Aerofryer hot air fryer

10 Nog beschikbaar

You get the perfect combination of steaming and hot air frying at home with the Princess 182080 Steam Aerofryer.

With the generous 6.5-liter capacity, you can prepare dishes for the whole family.

The built-in steam oven function ensures that you put a healthy meal on the table.

This way the food retains its color, texture, moisture, vitamins and minerals during steaming.

Do you want a nice crispy crust on your potatoes? Then you steam the potatoes first, after which you bake them with the Aerofry function.

The device has a temperature range of 40 to 200 degrees and a timer that you can set up to 90 minutes. With 8 pre-programmed functions, the hot air fryer cooks ingredients such as; meat, fish, bread, chips and pasta.

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