SHAN ZU Whetstone Knife with Storage Box Sharpening Stone 2 Pieces Knife Sharpener

Knife Stone Grit 1000/5000 with Non-Slip Silicone Base and Angle Guide Wetstone for The Kitchen Knives

  • High Quality White Corundum Whetstone Material: Complete water whetstone set with two combined whetstone. The rough grinding surface (grit 1000) quickly sharpens blunt or damaged knives with just a few strokes; the fine sanding surface (grit 5000) is ideal for finishing and polishing the edges, and perfect for easy repairs to a ready sharp. Since it is a water stone, no expensive honing oil is required.
  • 1000/5000 Sharpening Stone Versatile Use: Our premium water sharpening stone is extremely durable and gets every kitchen knife sharp again. Offers two individual sharpening stones for precise sharpening. Grinding stone with grit # 1000 / # 5000 is your all-purpose stone for sharpening blunt or damaged blades. The individual sharpening stone set lasts much longer than the typical combination set and can do EVERY BLADE (except ceramic).
  • Safe and Easy to Use: Our water whetstone set is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. The knife sharpener stone kit is very easy to assemble and comes with a silicone base that holds the stone in the non-slip acacia wood base so that it doesn't slip during work. The knife sharpening angle guide places your blade at the optimal angle for you and protects your fingers during the entire sharpening process.
  • Exquisite Gift Packaging: We offer customized, high-quality acacia wood boxes for storing and protecting the grindstone, which is BPA-free and contains no harmful bacteria. Equipped with non-slip rubber holders, the grindstone remains fixed during the grinding process and can be used to better protect the grindstone during storage. 100% organic acacia wood makes it durable and easy to clean.
  • The Perfect Gift For Your 100% Customer Satisfaction: We promise 18 months of carefree and friendly customer service. NO COMPROMISE on quality! Don't be fooled by cheap discounts. Note: Soak the sharpening stones in water for about 10 minutes before sharpening. Use only tap water. The flattening stone must be soaked with the stones in water for 10 minutes before flattening.

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