Trebs Multifunctional convection oven 99364 Hot Air Fryer

Cooking becomes healthier with the Trebs Multifunctional convection oven 99364, partly because no extra oil needs to be added to the dishes to prepare them. This makes it healthier than baking in a regular deep fryer or oven. In this Trebs appliance you cook your food in its own natural fat and this fat is also discharged in the appliance. Prepare your delicious meal with a very low fat content in this way.
The Trebs Multi-Function Hot Air Oven 99364 is easy to use due to a clear easy-touch display with eight pre-programmed positions. Whether you are a kitchen prince or not, these programs are easy to set up. You can set a timer so that you know for sure whether your dishes have been cooked long enough in the appliance. It also switches itself off automatically.

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