Trivet Cups & ARARE Tetsubin Japanese Style

  • Tetsubin Japanese style Cast Iron Teapot Black ARARE design 1.1 litre design
  • Volume 1.1 litre to the brim, 1.0 litre useable volume with internal sieve and standard amount of loose tea
  • Height; handle up 17cm, handle down 11cm Diameter; 18cm , with spout 20cm Weight; 2.1kg empty
  • Cast iron black hobnail tea cup and round coaster X2 In short; Cast iron tea cup 0.15 Litre x2, 8cm wide, 5.5cm high Hobnail pattern design Cast coaster X2, 10cm diameter Black enamel Weigh empty cup 0.3kg, coaster 0.2kg These cups are hot to the touch when the tea is first poured, but cool to a comfortable and enjoyable hand warming level as you sit back and relax.
  • Trivet - Your Japanese style black cast iron trivet 14cm diameter - GOTO: These have been made to match our range of cast iron teapots & kettles to protect your surfaces from the heat. At the base of the trivet are three legs covered with rubber. The trivets measure approximately 14cm in diameter and 2cm in height. Weight; 0.4kg

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