Vireo Bloom Green Tea Matcha Ceremony Cup Set


Vireo Bloom Green Tea Matcha making Set - Perfect gift and for Tea Ceremonies

Vireo Bloom has been true to every detail of the traditional matcha tea drinking ceremony, first brought to Japan from China in around the 11th century, so you can be sure that you can drink your pure matcha tea the way it was meant to be drunk.

Experience the beauty and craftsmanship of Vireo Bloom.


Vireo Matcha Tools set is perfect for:

  • Tea Ceremony

  • Smoothies and Lattes

  • Desserts and Ice Creams

  • Lemonades and Icy refreshment drinks

Included in your purchase:

  • 1 x Bamboo Tea Scoop

  • 1 x Bamboo Spoon

  • 2 x 550ml Stoneware Ceremony Chawa Bowl

  • 1 x 100 prong whisk with holder

  • 1 x eco-friendly gift box.

  • PERFECT SET FOR THE MATCHA TEA LOVERS YOU KNOW. The perfect birthday, or special occasion present for tea lovers. Every detail of the matcha tea drinking experience has been thought of and this is the perfect present to get people interested in either drinking matcha green tea or serving desserts, soups, puddings, smoothies, rice other healthy food.
  • THE COMPLETE TRADITIONAL JAPANESE MATCHA GREEN TEA CEREMONY SET. FOR THOSE WHO APPRECIATE THE FINER DETAILS. This set includes 1 Bamboo whisk, 1 ceramic stand, 1 matcha scope, 1 bamboo spoon, 2 matcha ceremony stoneware bowls Chawan. All packed with easily recyclable, plastic-free eco-box and packing materials.
  • ECOLOGICALLY FRIENDLY IN EVERY STEP OF THE MANUFACTURING PROCESS. YOU CAN BE SURE THAT YOUR PURCHASE WILL LEAVE A POSITIVE ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINT. At Vireo Bloom, the things that matter most to us are our customer's opinion and the environment. Our whole manufacturing process is eco-friendly and we only use the highest quality materials with no plastics so that our products leave a positive ecological footprint.
  • MAKE THE PERFECT BLEND OF MATCHA GREEN TEA. THIS IS THE SAME SET HANDED DOWN FOR GENERATIONS OF ANCIENT JAPANESE MATCHA TEA DRINKERS. You, too, can enjoy the benefits of drinking matcha green tea and drink the same blend and drink that has been handed down since the Tang Dynasty in the 7th Century. It is very important to make your matcha properly and with this set, you will be making it the way it has been made for generations.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE - We are sure you and your friend will love it. If not, we refund a purchase within 30 days. Buy two or more with a 10 percent discount

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